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Follow the link below to be brought to the Windows download site for Flip4Mac. Flip4Mac is a free alternative video player that will play windows media files within your Quicktime player on your Mac.




Salem Access Television Hours of Operation

SATV Regular Hours:
Monday 10 AM – 9 PM,
Tuesday 2 PM – 9 PM,
Wednesday 10 AM – 7 PM,
Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM,
Friday 10 AM – 5 PM,
Saturday 10 – 3 PM,
Sunday closed.

Salem City Government Channel 16 has moved to Channel 22

SATV would like to inform the citizens of Salem that Salem’s City Government Channel has moved from channel 16 to 22.


Video-On-Demand is now available to members programs on

Salem Access Televisions website.

SATV would like to make our new server available to producers as well. If you produced a show recently, you have the option to make it available on demand.  You, your friends, and your community can go to our website, search for your show and play it on demand, wherever you are, in Salem or outside of it.

This is completely voluntary, you do not have to make your show available on demand. As always, your programming will air on our channels, as usual, as required by your membership agreement.  After your program airs, you will continue to hold the rights to it etc.  You can air it elsewhere or upload it to another service. 

Many other cable access centers have video on demand. It can be a great resource for you, the producer, to spread videos to a larger audience.  If you would like to have your show aired on demand, please let an SATV staff member know. We will not be able to make all programs available on demand. Some selected programs can be made available on demand from every producer.

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