Level 2


Advanced Camera Training

Get trained on the latest cameras available at SATV.  The JVC GY-HM100u is a full high definition camera, capable of 720p or 1080p.  They are also tape-less cameras and record on high capacity SD cards.  It was designed for easy use, but still takes some time to get used to.

Class limit: 5
Session length: 1 hour
Member Prerequisite:
Basic Camera Training

DVD Authoring

This hands-on session will introduce participants to iDVD and demonstrate the basic process for creating a DVD to organize text, image, audio, and video files into an attractive interface. You will use Apple’s theme templates and explore customization options for creating inviting and individualized interfaces.

Class limit: 3
Session length: 2 hours
Member Prerequisite: orientation, level I Understanding Digital Video Editing and level II iMovie Basic Certification, completed program ready for mastering for final broadcast.
Fee: FREE for members

Advanced Studio Production

Practical experience is offered to improve lighting, use of special effects, and advanced graphics. Creativity is encouraged, utilizing the abilities acquired in Basic Studio Production level I.

Class limit: 12 with no less than 3 to initiate
Session length: 4 hours (broken up into two 2 hour workshops)
Member Prerequisite: orientation, level I Basic Studio Production.
Fee: FREE for members

Basic Field Production

SATV’s Field Production course will introduce the basic techniques to shooting in the field.  This can include using available lighting to your advantage, recording good sound, and adjusting the camera to different lighting situations quickly and efficiently.

Class limit: 3
Session length: 1 hour
Member Prerequisite: orientation, level I Basic Camera training.
Fee: FREE for members